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Image reads, "Then vs. Now - Planning A Non-Traditional Wedding"

Then vs. Now: Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding [Infographic]

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Formal wedding traditions don’t quite feel right for many couples today, so it’s becoming popular to break with tradition and opt for more unique, personal touches. If you’re thinking about a non-traditional wedding, consider these new-school alternatives to classic wedding traditions.


The Date: Then, peak wedding season is typically May through October. Now, off-season weddings help you save money while adding a unique touch. The sky's the limit!
The Flowers: Then, popular flowers included roses, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, and peonies. Now, choose arrangements featuring local and in-season flowers, greens, and herbs!
The Venue: Then, the ceremony took place in a religious building or dedicated hotel wedding venue. Now, choose a location that's special to you! Think art gallery, museum, brewery, cruise ship, botanic garden, zoo, or theatre.
The Wedding Party: Then, the bride wears a white dress with a long veil. Now, wear your favorite color and ditch the veil altogether! Then, the bridal party was divided by gender. Now, mixed-gender bridal parties - surround yourself with the most important people in your life!
The Ceremony: Then, the bride's family sits on the left side, and the groom's family sits on the right. Now, Let guests sit wherever they like, or seat gusts in a circle or spiral around the altar. Then, the bride's father walked her down the aisle. Now, have both parents, a best friend, sibling, or even your future spouse walk with you! Then, a religious leader officiated the wedding. Now, ask a friend or family member to officiate. Work with them to write a personalized ceremony script.
The Reception: Then, guests sat at assigned tables for a plated meal of chicken. Now, go casual and communal by making food part of the entertainment. Then, dessert featured an elegant, tiered wedding cake. Now, skip the cake and offer fun dessert pairings, or let guests customize with a dessert bar!