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Small ceramic cups lined up and topped with chocolate 'dirt' and edible flowers. a table sign in front of them reads, "Mushroom Crème Brûlée"

Mushroom Crème Brûlée


Try Chef Charles’ Mushroom Crème Brûlée, inspired by our local partner, Four Star Mushrooms, which is as unique as it is delicious. Yum yum!
Serves 25 people



  • Crème Brûlée (yields 25)
    • 1005 grams of Cream
    • 180 grams of Sugar
    • 112.5 grams of Egg Yolk (liquid)
    • 5 grams of Iota
    • ¼ teaspoon of Kappa
    • 19 grams of Vanilla Paste
    • 180 grams of Lion’s Mane Mushroom (cut into small pieces)
  • Mushroom Dirt (yields 15)
    • 150 grams of Oreo Crumble
    • 25 grams of Porcini Powder
  • Edible Flowers & Micros (for garnish)
    • Citrus Marigolds (1 per)
    • Micro Mint (1 per)


Preparation: Crème Brûlée

  1. In a saute pan add a small amount of oil, and hard sear the mushroom pieces on all sides
  2. Add in cream, sugar, and vanilla
  3. Bring to a boil to cook the mushrooms and dissolve the sugar
  4. Purée with a stick blender
  5. Temper in egg yolks
  6. Blend with the stick blender. While blending, add in both the Iota and Kappa, and continue blending for 1-2 minutes until the thickeners are activated
  7. Quickly pass through a fine mesh sieve
  8. Quickly portion into small cups
  9. Chill completely


Preparation: Mushroom Dirt

  1. Combine both Oreo Crumble and Porcini Powder
  2. Mix well.  


Preparation: Final Look

  1. Sprinkle the Mushroom Dirt over the crème brûlée cups
  2. Top with a single flower and some micros, positioning so they look like they’re ‘growing’ our of the dirt