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Three images, one of a magenta-themed event, one of frosted and textured holiday table setting decor t, and one of modern, red holiday decor.

Decor Trends to Define Your Event

Event Planning




We’ve reached out to local industry partners to get the trends that will keep your guests buzzing long after they’ve gone home.



Wrap Them In Color

Mal Marencik, Senior Event Producer at Kehoe Designs isn’t afraid of some bold color

“We have had so much fun with ‘magenta’ this year! Viva Magenta was the color of the year for Pantone 2023. Magenta mixed with mirrors and metallics set the stage for a fun, reflective colorway. We are sure to see ‘Viva Magenta’ make its way into this year’s holiday season designs.”
– Mal Marencik, CPCE

Magenta-themed event space, focusing on a table bathed in golden light, surrounded by glossy gold chairs, with magenta neon lights and unique chandeliers.

  • Design & Production: Kehoe Designs, Mal Marcus
  • Caterer: Blue Plate Chicago
  • Planner: Urban Canvas Events (Shelly Rothstein)
  • Photograph: Happy Hour Collaborative
  • Venue: Theater on the Lake
  • Entertainment: Flow Entertainment



Surprise Them With Materials

Claire Roenitz, Director of Sales at Flower Firm, is an expert at bringing in raw materials:

“While traditional holiday colors like red and green are timeless, using unique and unexpected colors and textures in holiday décor and tablescapes can make things interesting. Neutrals are a great backdrop to any design, so think about using gray, taupe, beige, as well as dark brown, and rich black, to bring your minimalist holiday décor to life. Wood tones, stone, glass, and metallics can also prove to be anything but expected for the holidays.”
– Claire Roenitz

Collage of frosted and textured holiday table setting decor that focuses on metallic colors and texture.



Cozy Up With Texture

Brittanie Ahrens, Senior Event Designer at HMR Designs, is an expert at bringing in raw materials:

“Classic and simplified tones wrapped in chic sophistication and tied up with a touch of organic material will keep holiday decor in trend this season. Single-element garlands, moss risers, spruce napkin rings, and emerald boxwood trees all set against deep velvet linen and stone dinnerware will keep your guests lingering in comfort post-dinner. Lean in as the days get shorter and warm up the tabletop with black taper candles.”
– Brittanie Ahrens

Collage of modern and simplistic holiday decor that focuses on greenery, metals, and texture.