Trend Alert: Drinkable Desserts

Trend Alert: Drinkable Desserts

Neapolitan Milkshakes, photo: Blue Plate Catering

Neapolitan Milkshakes, photo: Blue Plate Catering

When you’re dining at a restaurant or enjoying a meal at a special event, do you often find yourself torn between choosing to indulge in a cocktail, after-dinner beverage, or dessert? We can relate. And that’s why we’re excited that drinkable desserts are growing in popularity, with an increasing number of restaurants adding their unique twists on this trend. From variations on the classic milkshake to dessert-inspired cocktails, you’ll see creative offerings of drinkable desserts showing up on many menus.

Why Drinkable Desserts?

Drinkable desserts are not only a tasty treat, but they’re nostalgic as well. Think back when you were a kid and enjoyed an old-fashioned milkshake or a root beer float with your family or friends at your town’s favorite ice cream shop or restaurant. Today’s drinkable desserts bring back that happy, carefree feeling while adding modern styles and flavors to these classic dessert beverages – making them unique and playful.

Neapolitan Milkshakes, photo: Blue Plate Catering

Neapolitan Milkshakes, photo: Blue Plate Catering

You’ll find some drinkable desserts that get their inspiration from more traditional desserts like tiramisu, while other variations use fruit smoothies or milkshakes as their starting point. With countless ingredient options and flavor combinations, these trendy desserts allow endless room for creativity. They can also be highly customized, making them a fantastic way to increase customer satisfaction.

Blue Plate Catering’s Neapolitan Milkshakes (pictured above) are a perfect example of an old-fashioned dessert that has been turned into a contemporary drinkable dessert. Our pastry chef, Ashley, gives us her opinion as to why milkshakes, such as these, are currently popular:

“I think milkshakes are trending right now because the possibilities are just about endless. With the current trend of what we call “The Extreme Milkshake”, guests are able to have their favorite ice cream flavors and still top them with their other favorite desserts like brownie bites and mini chocolate chips cookies for garnish…it’s almost like the new version of the dessert parfait.”

She adds, “Not to mention, milkshakes have a fun, nostalgic feel to them that makes dessert seem that much more exciting.”

When Are Drinkable Desserts Best Used?

Drinkable desserts make an indulgent treat at any time of day and, being a simple and refreshing dessert option, offer the perfect ending to a meal. As a bonus, since they’re portable, drinkable desserts are especially suitable for parties, as they allow guests to stand, mingle and dance.

Tips for Creating Drinkable Desserts

Want to be able to enjoy a drinkable dessert in the comfort of your own home, or show off by serving them to guests at a gathering you’re hosting? Follow these tips for creating drinkable desserts, and we suspect this will become your new favorite way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Add Alcohol

Adding beer, wine, or another type of alcohol to your dessert is the ultimate way to enhance the dessert’s original flavors and appeal to adult tastes, while keeping the desired childhood nostalgia.

Try incorporating beer into a malt shake, making an Irish-Whiskey ice cream float, or creating a red wine ice cream float with sparkling red wine, maraschino cherries, and vanilla ice cream.

  • Focus on Big, Bold Flavors 

Whether you include espresso, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, marshmallow, or another strong ingredient, be sure that what you’re using is fresh and of the highest quality. It will make all the difference in creating big, delicious flavor (without being overpowering), enabling every sip of your dessert to be savored.

  • Use the Blender

For both drinkable desserts with and without alcohol, it’s always beneficial to blend the ingredients for a little to ensure everything gets fully incorporated.

Have we convinced you to give drinkable desserts a try? We think you’re going to love them. And if those Neapolitan Milkshakes are calling out to you, contact us to discuss catering options for any upcoming events you’re hosting. We never tire of talking food!