Fuel Up for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Fuel Up for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon

photo credit: Tristan Zeier

The 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon is almost here, and as one of the city’s biggest events, it is also one of our most exciting. We’ve been proud to be on the frontline as the exclusive caterer for more than 25 years sharing our food with the runners, their families, and the many people that dedicate their time to this world-class event. This year, the marathon is extra special as it celebrates its 40th anniversary: as it grows, we have grown with it!

If you are heading out to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon next Sunday, try our tips for fueling up. See you at the finish line!

Ramp Up On the Carbs

Pasta lover’s rejoice. It is a common recommendation to eat pasta or carb-heavy meals leading up to a rigorous event such as a marathon. According to LiveScience, the body uses the molecules from carbs to produce glucose which can be stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen (aka energy) for future use.

To get your pasta fix, visit our sister restaurant, tesori trattoria & bar for homemade bolognese lasagna or head over to Park Grill in Millennium Park for their annual pre-race Pasta Dinner.

Related: With fall ingredients now here, squash is a great addition to pasta or even a replacement for noodles! Read our chef tips for use and a recipe for roasting.

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Going into a marathon properly hydrated is important for both performance as well as safety from dehydration, It’s also something you can’t just do the day of. Take the monotony out of these last few days before the marathon with a catering tip: infuse your water with fresh fruit and herbs such as mint, fruit such as strawberries and watermelon and even cucumbers. The fruit may even have the benefit of adding natural sugars that can help performance. For additional flavor without extra sugar, you can also freeze 100 percent fruit juice into ice cube trays and add them to your water glass.

Swap Fiber for Fresh Fruit

Eating fiber is good for you, but before a marathon, you may want to hold off on your bran cereal and swap it for bananas which provide both carbohydrates and low fiber benefits according to Runner’s World. Other fruits such as apples without the peels are other good options for low-fiber midday snacks. Take a tip from our kitchen and pre-slice fruit for the week so that it’s easy to grab.

Dive into a Post-Run Feast

After running 26 miles, you’ll need to refuel fast to start to repair the body. It is suggested to eat within 30 minutes after a race where the body can best convert carbohydrates and proteins. This is where our classic Marathon breakfast and lunch gets the medal. Complete with made-to-order omelettes, classic and healthy breakfast stations, fresh, seasonal salads, plus, plenty of sweet treats of course, it is truly a feast.

Preview photos of last year’s marathon, and good luck to everyone participating!