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Spiced Eggnog Recipe by Blue Plate Catering


Spiked Eggnog, Photo: Blue Plate Catering

Spiced Up Eggnog

Recipe courtesy of Lov Carpenter

6 eggs, separated
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
3/4 cup sugar
1.5 cup bourbon
1/2 cup aged rum
1/4 cup allspice dram
1 tablespoon vanilla
Ground nutmeg and clove for garnish

Separate egg whites from yolks and whisk yolks with half a cup of sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Slowly add in milk, spirits and vanilla. In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites, cream, and remaining sugar until peaks are formed, then fold that mixture into eggnog base. Refrigerate for two hours. Add grated nutmeg and clove for garnish. Serves 8.


Homemade Caramels from Blue Plate Catering

Pound Cake 4 Ways this Holiday Season

At the Bar: New Fall & Winter Cocktails


With summer officially out, it’s time for fall cocktails, which means bringing back darker spirits (hi, whiskey!) and seasonal ingredients. Our in-house mixologist recently revealed her new fall/winter cocktails and the results are delicious.

“For this menu, I wanted to go back to the classics: simple and refined, while still incorporating bold, seasonal flavors. Nearly every cocktail on this menu is a riff on a standard – a mule, French 75, an Old Fashioned, and even a vodka tonic — each infused with strong spice, herb, tart, or savory notes. As we drift into colder months, we tend to gravitate towards warming drinks, and I wanted to create a feeling of warmth without using heat. You’ll find a variety of baking spices and smoky flavors, as well as ingredients that are reminiscent of winter holidays and snowy nights.”

Cocktails for holiday parties

Wiz Kid

An improved vodka tonic, incorporating smoke and spice. “I love the combination of sage and anything smoky; the charred lime juice with a hint of smoked chili creates a cocktail that’s both well-rounded and light.”


Cocktails for holiday parties

Red Wall

Toasted walnut green tea and cranberry bitters come together to create a tart and refreshing cocktail.

Cocktails for holiday parties

Paired Together

A take on a mule — a zesty and versatile drink, great for anything from tailgating to cocktail parties.

Cocktails for holiday parties

75 Thymes

An herbaceous variation on the classic French 75.

Cocktails for holiday parties

And Another One

Here the standard Old Fashioned is made warmer and more inviting with chocolate-based mole and everyone’s fall favorite: pumpkin spice.

5-Last Moment

Last Moment

Spicy tequila blends with cranberry juniper syrup and citrus bitters for a unique yet tart bite.

Cocktails for holiday parties

A New City

The beloved Manhattan is made new with a variety of familiar and exotic spices.

Cocktails for holiday parties

Rubies In Glass

Pomegranate meets savory rosemary to create a slightly botanic cocktail; finished with sparkling wine, it’s the perfect drink for a holiday gathering.

At the Bar: Getting Creative with Iced Tea


Photo credit: Blue Plate Catering

Guest post by Blue Plate Mixologist, Lov Carpenter

Iced tea is a warm weather staple. Whether it’s green, black, herbal, or the go-to Lipton, iced tea is a refreshing alternative to iced coffees. Not only is it great for non-alcoholic beverages, tea can also provide a great canvas for fun, summer iced-tea cocktails. Of course, we’re all familiar with the Long Island Iced Tea — that booze-packed party starter popular on college campuses and dive bars. But tea-based cocktails have come a long way, and they’re a great addition to any event, from backyard BBQs to dinner parties, even weddings. Tea cocktails are also quick, easy, and great for batching.

There are some amazing teas on the market; from rich, smoky pu-erh to bright, tart hibiscus, there’s a tea to fit your palette. David’s Tea is one of our favorites at Blue Plate for fun blends, and Rare Tea Cellar is our go-to for unique and distinct flavors.

Below is an easy-to-make tea-based cocktail to consider for your next event.

Gold & Magic
2 oz Magic Dragon tea (David’s Tea)
1 oz Don Q aged rum
.5 oz lemon juice
Muddled blackberries

Muddle 4-5 fresh blackberries. Add remainder of ingredients, shake with ice and strain into Collins glass. Add ice. Garnish with lemon slice and fresh blackberries. For easy batching for larger groups, make a blackberry syrup.

At the Bar: Rosé Wine


at the bar: rose wine

Photo credit: Chris Pople/Flickr

From backyard BBQ’s, rooftop parties, street festivals and baseball season, we know summer has officially hit when the rosé wine comes out. A perfect middle ground between red and white, rosés are food-friendly, perfect for cocktailing and outdoor events, and pair well with summer’s heat.


At the Bar: New Spring & Summer Cocktails


Spring & Summer Cocktails

As we shift into the warmer months, a new crop of fruits and vegetables become available for us to enjoy. And as we change what’s on our plates, we also change what’s in our glasses. At Blue Plate, fresh and seasonal are at the core of not just our innovative dishes, but in our mixology as well. Being one of the few catering companies with an in-house mixologist, we consistently strive to stay ahead of the curve, always looking to adopt and incorporate the newest trends in beverage.