At the Bar: New Spring & Summer Cocktails

At the Bar: New Spring & Summer Cocktails


Spring & Summer Cocktails

As we shift into the warmer months, a new crop of fruits and vegetables become available for us to enjoy. And as we change what’s on our plates, we also change what’s in our glasses. At Blue Plate, fresh and seasonal are at the core of not just our innovative dishes, but in our mixology as well. Being one of the few catering companies with an in-house mixologist, we consistently strive to stay ahead of the curve, always looking to adopt and incorporate the newest trends in beverage.

Our mixologist, Lov Carpenter, recently unveiled a new cocktail menu for spring and summer. Lov designed the menu to revolve around bright colors and light, flavorful ingredients: fun, easy-to-drink cocktails reminiscent of beaches, garden parties, and warm evenings in the backyard with friends. “I think the visual component of a cocktail is just as important as the flavor,” says Lov. “Color and visual texture make a drink approachable, and to me, approachability is key. I want guests to be drawn in by the colors, and be able to recognize the ingredients.”


Specialty cocktails are an easy way to add customization to your event. They also provide a great opportunity to cohesively connect your menu. While our menu is a great starting point, if you have a vision or drink in mind, we are always happy to collaborate to bring it to life.


Below are a few of our favorites. Additionally, nearly all of the menu can be batched for large events.


The Getaway

A tart, fruity cocktail with just a hint of heat.

The Getaway Cocktail


Rosy Outlook

A light balance of herbaceous and floral with some fruit notes, this cocktail is great for weddings and patio parties.

Rosy Outlook Cocktail


Grass Is Greener

This is a fun, unique cocktail, which combines some of Lov’s favorite culinary flavors: sesame and lemongrass. Pairs well with savory dishes.

Grass Is Greener Cocktail


Tea Party

Perfect for smaller groups and events, this cocktail incorporates the best aspects of an Earl Grey experience: lemon, bergamot, and a rich, creamy texture.

Tea Party Cocktail


La Lavanda

This innovative, color-changing cocktail is fun for interactive events and parties. The key component, Butterfly Pea Flower, changes color upon interacting with acid. (See it on WCIU’s You and Me Segment.)

La Lavanda Cocktail


Much Cooler

A light, yet full flavored cocktail, perfect for bridal showers and lunch events.

Much Cooler Cocktail

Have an event in mind? Connect with one of our dedicated sales team members to start planning.